Building your dream home with a tiny deposit is now within reach

KeyStart has access to more than 40 lenders, and because they aren’t affiliated with a specific bank, they can offer a diverse range of loan products with the best rates, so you can enjoy life in your new home and help you to save money in the long term.

Importantly, KeyStart will step you through the entire process, to enable you to make your financial decisions with confidence.

Step 1: Every home buying situation is unique, so your KeyStart mortgage broker will take the time to ask questions to understand your financial position now, and your plans for the future.

Step 2: Focused on matching a loan product to your individual needs, your KeyStart broker will conduct research to collate options for you to review.

KeyStart Finance is an important part of the SAHC customer offering, and we encourage you to book a free, no-obligation consultation to conduct a ‘health-check’ on your loan.

To find out more, check out the KeyStart Finance website

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