How do I get started with a new home?

Whether you are looking for your first home, kicking off your investment strategy or upgrading the family home, navigating the path to home ownership can be a daunting process. Our easy 3 step process is your headstart into affordable home ownership and will have you on your way with confidence. Read more

How do I arrange the right finance for my new home?

Together with our partners, KeyStart Finance, we are passionate about empowering new home owners with tailored information, so you have less worry about. KeyStart Finance specialises in construction home loans and can help you to find the right finance solution to suit your individual needs. Read more

What deposit do I need to start the process?

Depending on your situation, i.e. debt, equity and assets, KeyStart Finance will tailor a solution to suit your needs. Your deposit, or savings amount, income and outgoing expenses can determine your whether you will be charged Loan Mortgage Insurance (LMI).  Read more

What is the First Home Owner Grant?

If you are a first home owner, you may be eligible for the South Australian First Home Owner's Grant of $15,000. Our team can help you to check your eligibility and how you can use these grants to benefit your finance solution. Read more

How do I apply for the grants?

Application for the grants may be made through an Approved Agent or directly through Revenue SA. There are many financial institutions that have been authorised as FHOG Approved Agents to process FHOG applications. If you’re getting finance through one of these financial institutions, you can apply for the Grant directly through that financial institution.

How do I choose my block of land?

Finding the right new neighbourhood with everything within reach, like access to schools, parks, outdoor spaces, shopping precincts and transport, can be exciting. Our team will guide you through the many estate options in your preferred area and help you to find the perfect block to suit for your needs. Read more

How do I choose a home design?

We can help you to find the right home to suit your needs now and into the future. We will guide you through our design range to suit your budget and lifestyle plans to find your dream home. 

What is a House and Land package?

We've selected some of the greatest blocks from popular suburbs and estates throughout the state and paired them with the best-matched homes from our range. Our team has individually configured these packages to make the most of outdoor open space, maximise orientation aspect and to include any required design guidelines. Read more

How long is the pre-construction period?

The pre-construction period of your new home journey generally takes 5 months from contract signing. We'll keep an eye on the progress of your building approvals so that we can start constructing your home as soon as possible.

What is a property encumbrance?

An encumbrance on a property is a special legal requirement applying to the type of building you can construct. Common examples of encumbrances are, minimum or maximum home size, fencing types, roof pitch and material, facade style/colour/material usage. Your land contract generally contains details of encumbrances which will need to be discussed when choosing your home design.

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