If you haven't already found your perfect block of land, the best way to go is a house and land package. Whether you're on the first home buying journey or looking to grow your investment portfolio, it makes sense to get the experts involved from the start making the whole process easier, so you can concentrate on the important things.


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We've selected some of the greatest blocks from popular suburbs and estates throughout the state and paired them with the best-matched homes from our range. Our team has individually configured these packages to make the most of outdoor open space, maximise orientation aspect and to include any required developer design guidelines.

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Why should I choose a house & land package solution?

It's a bit like the chicken and the egg scenario - do you look for the perfect block of land first, or choose your dream home? That's where the house and land package solution can give you the best of both worlds. It takes the hassle out of the home building experience, so you can focus on the decisions that matter.

  • Solutions to suit your budget - if sticking to a budget is important to you, then the security of a pre-packaged house and land option will make your decision process much easier.
  • Put the experts to work - our team of house and land specialists have years of experience in matching the perfect home to suit each block, now all you need to do is add your individual style.
  • Quality inclusions - our house and land solutions are packed with added features, providing you with an affordable path in home ownership.

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