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At SA Housing Centre (SAHC), we’re passionate about giving you a head start to affordable home ownership. We pride ourselves on delivering great designs and quality homes at the best possible prices. Part of this is our Lowest Price Guarantee. If you manage to get a quote from another South Australian builder for a similar home[1] (Competitor Quote) that’s cheaper than our quote (SAHC Quote), we’ll beat the price, subject to the below terms and conditions.

1.          The Competitor Quote must:

1.1       be genuine;

1.2       be signed and dated by a representative of the competitor;

1.3       cite the competitor’s ABN, ACN, and building licence number;

1.4       be current (that is, the Competitor Quote must be no more than [one] month old and must not have expired); and

1.5       relate to a house design which has a total living area (in m2) that is within 5% of the total living area, and the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, of the design specified in the SAHC Quote.

2.          The SAHC Quote must:

2.1       be signed and dated by a representative of SAHC;

2.2       be current (that is, the SAHC Quote must be no more than [one] month old and must not have expired); and

2.3       relate to one of SAHC’s standard designs[2].

3.          The Competitor Quote and the SAHC Quote must relate to the same land, which land must be in metropolitan Adelaide.

4.          The Lowest Price Guarantee will only apply in respect of the Base Price of the relevant house design. The Base Price does not include car accommodation (garages and carports), site works and footings above standard[3], elevation treatments, slab to alfresco areas, concrete paving to carports (verandah and porch slabs as per the floor plan for your design), floor coverings, light fittings, window treatments, furniture, pergolas, other display items or upgrades from standard internal and external selection items[4].

5.          If:

5.1       the Competitor Quote and the SAHC Quote both comply with these Terms and Conditions; and

5.2       the Base Price provided in the Competitor Quote is lower than the Base Price provided in the SAHC Quote,

then SAHC will reduce the Base Price provided in the SAHC Quote to below the Base Price provided in the Competitor Quote and will re-issue the SAHC Quote (Re-issued SAHC Quote).

6.          Re-issued SAHC Quotes are valid for 14 days from the date of issue, after which they expire.

7.          The Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to:

7.1       Competitor Quotes from competitors who are not licensed to carry out residential building work in South Australia;

7.2       re-issued SAHC Quotes; and

7.3       quotes issued by or on behalf of Construction Services Pty Ltd.

8.          To be eligible to claim the Lowest Price Guarantee, you must provide your SAHC consultant with an original copy of the Competitor Quote.

9.          SAHC will notify you within 21 days from the date you provide your original Competitor Quote to your SAHC consultant whether you are eligible for the Lowest Price Guarantee.


[1] To be determined by SAHC in accordance with these terms and conditions.

[2] Please speak to one of our sales consultants about SAHC’s range of standard designs.

[3] To be determined by SAHC having regard to your house design and the standard of site works and footings reasonably expected to be required to meet engineering requirements.

[4] Please speak to one of our sales consultants if you would like to know more about SAHC’s selections ranges.

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